Figuring Out Fashion (Book)

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Practical advice and tips to achieve a sustainable wardrobe

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Is your wardrobe full of unworn impulse purchases and expensive mistakes: clothes that don’t fit well or with details that don’t flatter? For those concerned about the cost of fashion shopping – not just personal debt, but the ethical issues of cheap labour and the ecological impact of over-consumption of fashion clothing – Figuring Out Fashion provides answers.

Figuring Out Fashion provides advice from fashion stylist Jay Hunt on planning fashion shopping to achieve a fashionable and sustainable wardrobe. Jay links fashion theory to financial planning to show how a healthy bank balance and stylish wardrobe can co-exists.

*How to asses and review your current wardrobe *Working out what styles suit you *How to plan a capsule wardrobe for the seasons and your budget *choosing accessories *the art of packing *how to understand concepts like cost per wear *judging when quality counts

The practical section introduces more than 20 exercises that provide simple, inexpensive re-dos. Barley Massey explains step by step how to reuse, adjust and remake existing clothes to fit and flatter, including: *Altering hemlines and necklines *turning jeans into a skirt *updating an outdated evening dress *slimming a baggy dress *upcycling tee-shirts *embellishing garments and more!

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Jay Hunt
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About the author

Jay Hunt is a fashion journalist, TV presenter and producer, and lifestyle expert. She has dressed celebrities for personal and professional work and undertaken wardrobe revamps for private clients in London, New York and Los Angeles.

Barley Massey has been referred to as “London’s Upcycling Queen”, practicing creative textile re use for over 25 years from her studio shop Fabrications on Broadway Market, East London. Using a variety of deconstruction & reconstruction sewing techniques, Barley has a keen eye for the original features, fastenings and details, transforming the old into gold!