Hand Sewing Needles


We stock a comprehensive range of good quality needles to suit all kinds of hand sewing, hand embroidery and repairs.

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Henry Milward & Sons is an English manufacturer of sewing needles based in Redditch. Henry Milward and Sons and its employees boast over a quarter of a millennium making needles.

Hemline has become the best known and one of the most recognised haberdashery and notions name in the world after just 25 years.

Material Information

The best carbon, hardened, tempered steel is used to maximise resistance to corrosion. The tapered points plus a polished body ensure the best penetration into fabrics. The needle eyes are smooth with no snags and protect the thread from damage.

Needle Type

Household, Embroidery, Tapestry, Long Darners, Short Darners, Yarn, Repair, Leather, Doll