Sewing Machine Needles


A range of machine needles suitable for all brands of domestic sewing machines.

NB: All packs contain 6 needles including the Universal (we are no longer selling the 10 pack as depicted by the image)

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When embarking on different sewing projects, it’s important to select a quality and suitable machine needle for your project. Often needles break because the incorrect size or type isn’t used. Klasse needles have a flat back and are suitable for all brands of domestic sewing machines.

We stock the following needle types in packs of assorted sizes:

Universal: Suitable for regular sewing on standard fabrics (Size: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110)

Ball Point: Specially designed for knit fabrics, jerseys and interlocks. The rounded tip separates the fibres to prevent laddering or running. ( Size: 70, 80, 90)

Denim: Ideally suited for denim fabrics, heavy twill, workwear and densely woven fabrics such as canvas and heavy linens. Very sharp point and a stiffer shank resists deflection to sew a straight stitch on thicker fabric. Sizes: 90, 100)

Leather: feature a chisel point (designed to cut as it penetrates) for sewing leather and suedes. Never use for sewing textiles or artificial leathers. (Sizes: 90, 100)

Sharps: have a fine sharp point for stitching delicate or tightly woven fabric such as micro fibre, other synthetics and silk. The sharp needle gives a perfect straight stitch, ideal for top stitching. (Sizes: 60, 70, 80)

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Klassé needles is one of the most complete ranges with the highest quality in domestic machine needles. Klassé remains the only brand of machine needles solely focused on home sewing machines, overlockers and sergers.

Product Information

Understanding the importance of quality, Klassé needles are engineered with a specialized process to ensure the straightness of the needle and a smooth needle eye for stable stitching. Recently, Klassé improved their machine needles by introducing color coded needle shanks for easy identification for home sewers. Klassé also continues to review the range to ensure the most extensive needle range is offered to suit new fibers and fabrics.


Universal, Ball Point, Denim, Leather, Sharps