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Our wonderful ‘Virtual Business Card’ created by Idelick Media , please share!

I am currently working with the creative platform ‘Yodomo’ to offer some of my most popular sewing classes online. Enjoy the Fabrications experience from your own home, anywhere in the world!

The incredible “Artwear” exhibition by Peter Gibson which we hosted in October 2019. A collection of over 25 hand embroidered denim jackets, created over a period of 50 years by Peter, who started “Jacketing” whilst on the road with his band “Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts”. Alongside the exhibition we also hosted a series of events, workshop and talks by Peter.

Fabrications ‘Upcycling Emporium’ interview & reportage by Stitchless TV

A short film about Fabrications ethos, products & services created by Adeline Royal in 2012.