We are passionate about passing on textile skills to others and encouraging a respectful and resourceful way of living in harmony with nature and humankind.¬† Alongside our regular programme of classes at Fabrications, Barley Massey has been invited to give numerous talks and practical workshops in schools, universities, galleries, festivals, events and overseen a number of community projects with vulnerable adults. Barley has also been working as a “Super Crafter” with the “Love your Clothes” campaign since it’s inception in 2014 in a variety of ways of engagement. Another partnership has been with Upper Street Events (formerly Twisted Thread) working as a tutor in the “Learning Curve” area of their textile shows. Also in the concept creation, management and delivery of educational “feature areas” within their shows including our “Upcycling Academy” (Knitting & Stitching Shows) and most recently “The Drop in Clinic” (Sewing Bee Live show, Excel)