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All clothes hold memories and stories, which is one reason why we are so reluctant to let them go. Whether they are garments that were left behind by a loved one we have lost, or, sentimental garments that our own children have outgrown. In many cases, we are left with a wardrobe of clothes that we are unable to part with. Barley offers a special bespoke service – “Remember Me” in which she lovingly transforms your meaningful items, with creativity and care into new treasured pieces. Bringing comfort, joy and memories to share, for you and your family in the years to come.
Our “Remember Me” blanket is one of the most precious gifts we have ever received. Barley made it for us from some of the first items of clothing our daughter ever wore. Seeing the soft, well-washed and well-worn pieces beautifully stitched together brought the memories flooding back: her first smiles in the onesie with pink and green dinosaurs; watching her nap in a vest with silver bunnies embroidered on the chest; the funny gurgles and noises she made in a top bedecked with blue elephants. Now it hangs in her room, a reminder of how much she has grown and our journey together as a family. I know we will always treasure it. Molly & Mo


Look through the items of clothing or textiles that you’d like Barley to work with. The number of items will determine the quantities, size or detailing of the objects that can be made. All kinds of home wares, accessories or even refashioned garments can be created. We have a portfolio of previous commissions at Fabrications or browse our Upcycled Products in our E-Shop for inspiration.

Please contact Barley if you would like to talk through possibilities.


Make an appointment with Barley, to look through your items of clothing together, discuss ideas and costs. To give you an idea of cost a cushion starts at £40 or a blanket/quilt from £150. Prices vary according to size and level of detailing.  If you are unable to visit the studio please contact us and Barley can discuss your commission over the phone or e mail. Then put your items in the post with a covering letter  (via recorded delivery)


Once we have received your items and payment, Barley will work her magic! Lead times  can be 2 – 6 weeks depending on the time of year or the number or size of the commission. We will keep you informed and arrange collection from the studio with you or another means of delivery. The lead up to Christmas tends to be a busy time for the service so please get in touch with us in good time as we don’t like to disappoint!

I’d looked in the window of Fabrications many times and marvelled at the range of recycled items, and especially the use of ties. So I told my husband I’d take his large collection of ties to the shop to see if they could be of any use. A few weeks later, following that comment, my husband (of nearly 60 years) died, but I still gave the ties to Barley Massey, little realising I could have them recycled too! Barley showed me some of her amazing commissions, and it was agreed that she would make me 9 cushions. I am so thrilled and delighted with the work she has done and I hadn’t realised how thearaputic I’d find the exercise to be. I enjoy looking at the cushions (spread over our double bed) until such time as they can be collected. Its lovely to think that each part of the family will be able to have a visible reminder of a precious husband, father, grandfather and even great grandfather, as Barley was able to make a fabulous Teddy bear with the small, left over pieces! Barley is a highly skilled needlewoman, with a keen designers eye for colour and pattern – I can’t praise and thank her enough. Zena
“Taking my clothes I wouldn’t wear but couldn’t give away out of storage and into the hands of Barley was such a joy from start to finish. Seeing the clothes become something new to experience and use with a warm nod to the past, but very much for the future. Thrilled to see these memories out of the box and into my daily life” Sabrina
“Both my brothers were not sure at first or understood what I had given them. when the penny dropped they were very emotional. As you could see with me, your work filled me with emotion from the beginning – talking with you about my father and the relationships we all had together, till the end of your work, when you gave me back memories to keep forever. Having our blankets/cushion keeps my dad close. Thank You for your hard work and your compassion” Mireille
” My lovely sisters found out about Barley’s wonderful Remember Me service and wanted to do something special for my 60th birthday.  I have a home fragrance business and the illustration for the very first fragrance is my favourite so my sisters commissioned Barley to recreate it, entirely out of my late father’s silk handkerchiefs.  It is the most moving, unique and personal gift.  When I posted about it on Facebook, a friend commented: “Is that the most beautiful thoughtful frankly romantic present ever in the history of the world? “  I think it is” Casandra
” In order to remember John, to whom I was happily married for 49 years 11 months, I asked an eco-stitcher, Barley Massey at Fabrications, to make a cocktail dress, coat and beret from his wonderful collection of ties. Barley took a great interest in the ties and built a history into the collage that was underpinned by the red in the chosen ties. My sister, Marion Scott-Baker , made the patterns. I wore it at the Rotary President’s dinner where they commemorated his life ” Christina


My friends have been so complimentary about the ensemble. Comments have included:

“How original and beautiful. What a tribute to your lovely John”

“Stunning – what a great recycling project incorporating all those memories of John”

“What an absolutely amazing job the eco-stitcher did with John’s ties! What a beautiful outfit”

“What an inspired idea. Such a lovely way to celebrate all those precious golden years together”

I first read about Barley’s “Remember Me” creations by serendipity in our favourite local community cafe, when my husband David and I moved to Limehouse, just after he got diagnosed with dementia. I loved the concept but knew that style and timing weren’t right then. or rather I wasn’t ready. Until the time when I contacted Barley about this commission! From the very first e-mail the whole process felt so fluid, effortless, and yet also amazingly profound in its impact.

I know a garment by itself can only do so much. But through the magic that emerged from Barley combining her incredible talent to weave fabric with her inherent ability to tune in to the depth of our relationship. Her deep listening and generous presence allowed me to puzzle back together our interwoven paths. Each piece of textile was an invitation to enter a magical portal transporting me to places and times where David and I lived fully, tenderly, took risk and grew together. It reminded me how daring, intuitive and generous David has been towards me, and this when I needed it the most.

Therefore this garment and the whole process leading to its creation truly helped me find strength to overcome the fear I wouldn’t be able to rise to the challenge. And because David is still very much alive, the skirt will also witness our new adventures and lift my spirit on the rest of our journey together, and beyond! What a beautiful gift this experience has been! Can’t recommend it more! Rachel & David

Dear Barley, It is difficult to know just how to say Thank You to someone I’ve not met, but who has brought me so much pleasure in the form of my ‘Grahame’s’ cushion. To feel I have been given something back that is so tangible and the essence of someone I so miss and love is beyond measure; with the added delight of actually being able to put my hands into his sleeves to hug him is so calming and lovely. I know you have done similar items for other people and can only say how lucky we are to have found someone who can relate to how we feel and who has the kindness and talent to do something about it. This will bring me, not in any sense a morbid way, so much comfort, joy and pleasure in the coming years and for that I am most sincerely grateful. Thank You. Sincerely, June
We would like to thank Barley Massey from the bottom of our hearts for making us our beautiful memory items from Darren’s clothing. We will cherish them always, and are so very grateful to her for all her very hard work and time in doing them. Thank you so much xxx Rhian, Elin & Morgan
I had 3 bears put together through Barley’s Remember Me service, using some of my late brother’s clothing. This was the first experience of death in the family and it really did shake the family up. The bears have bought a lot of joy and comfort to both my mum and my sister. It’s surprising how the clothes made into a functional something can really help to ease.. or take the sting out of a bad experience.  Mark – Paul