Tie Bag (diagonal pinks & greens)


Retro men’s ties are washed, unpicked and restitched together to give them a new lease of life and purpose in this playful yet practical tote style bag!

Front: Patch Reworked ties (polyester types for durability)

Back: Patch Reworked denims, with vintage button and tie loop.

Handles: 2 x ties (with concealed webbing for added strength) measuring 65cm in length from bag edge to edge.

Lining: “waste” tie fabric.

Due to the recycled nature and the spontaneous way I work with the original garment, each piece is unique and unrepeatable. Handmade at my studio / shop “Fabrications” in Hackney, East London.

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Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 cm

Barley Massey has been referred to as “London’s Upcycling Queen”, practicing creative textile re use for over 25 years from her studio shop Fabrications on Broadway Market, East London. Barley has developed her own circular system made up of numerous interwoven strands – unique products, commissioning service and education. Most of Barley’s current designs rework waste clothing sourced from LMB recycling factory in East London, local charity shops or directly from individuals. Using a variety of deconstruction & reconstruction sewing techniques, Barley has a keen eye for the original features, fastenings and details, transforming the old into gold!

Material Information

Bag: Made from a combination of recycled textiles including polyster ties, denim and viscose lining fabric.
Strap: Uses 2 polyester ties and polypropylene webbing.