Neon Twine (Nutscene)


There is no mistaking these Nutscene Twines: Bright Neon’s Twine Spools for Gardeners, crafter’s and Twine lovers! Make your garden or crafting stand out from the crowd with this Neon Twine range. Each spool is 2ply, 2mm thick and 90m length.


A wow factor Twine from Nutscene. For those who want their garden or crafts to stand out! A new twist on a traditional product.  These ultra-modern on trend colours, will set your allotment apart, also fantastic for wrapping and different crafts.

This new product is produced alongside Nutscene’s traditional jute spools on the original 1922, Lessona winding machinery. Their unique winding system, patented in 1938, when Nutscene Twines were “Not Seen”, now with this fabulous Neon Twine range they are very much seen! Their spools allow you to dispense your twine from the centre, ensuing no unraveled mess or knots to your twine.

Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 10 cm

Nutscene have been manufacturing its own range of jute twines since 1922. Located a short drive away from the city of Dundee, in the rural county of Angus, Scotland, they still use the original machinery first used back in 1922, employing local people to do so.

Material Information

Ethically sourced materials, from sustainable crops. Jute in particular is an environmentally beneficial crop, Rain fed, fast growing , will grow on wastelands and improves the soil for future crops, it also reduces CO2.


Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow