Dream Making (Craftivist Collective)


What are your dreams for the future? Through this mindful activity, create your vision of the true, the just and the beautiful as a group or on your own. Display your stitched cloud as a reminder of your inspiration.

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It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of injustices we find upsetting. It can feel overwhelming and all consuming. Yet neuroscience shows us that by having a vision rather than just fixating on a problem, our brains start finding ways to turn those visions into reality.

“This Dream-making project taps into this insight. It’s designed to engage the creative, conscious, planning system in your brain – the prefrontal cortex – and help you consider how to join the dots and explore routes to a better future.” Dr Charlotte Rae, neuroscientist at the University of Sussex

“I found it so interesting, and a proper challenge, to think deeply about what my utopian dream actually is.” Fabienne at one of the Craftivist Collective’s first dream-making workshops

Each kit contains:

Pre-printed organic, fair-trade cotton

Felt made from post-consumer plastic bottles

Organic kapok stuffing

hanging wire

Embroidery thread (Anchor)

Needle (Milward)

Step by Step Instructions

Tips & message ideas

Crafter-thought questions to reflect on whilst stitching

Craftivist Collective label

Sales of these kits help to sustain and grow the Craftivist Collective’s global activities to engage people in Craftivism and support people to be the change they wish to see in the world.

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The Craftivist Collective was started in 2009 by Sarah Corbett, an award-winning campaigner with 30 years’ practical experience as an activist. At that time Craftivism was a relatively new concept (the term was coined by American writer and crafter Betsy Greer) Since then, Sarah has been developing her own unique ‘Gentle Protest’ approach to craftivism, and has gained a following of friends and strangers around the world who want to also get involved in this strategic, thoughtful and effective approach to making change "one stitch at a time".

Material Information

All of the materials and printing are carefully sourced by Sarah from local and sustainable small business and then assembled in her flat in Hackney. Use with courage and care.