Knitting Needles – Bamboo (Pony)


A natural partner for your yarn and knitting projects!

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The PONY bamboo range is particularly suited to working with natural yarns. Made from sustainable Indian bamboo, these natural products are smooth and lightweight in use. Their extreme flexibility, and strong, warm comfortable feeling allows the crafter to work for longer.

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Pony products are made in India. With 50 years of experience in the production of knitting and sewing needles, their range has been perfected to provide the ultimate enjoyment and longevity for all your knitting projects.


Bamboo is a natural material with strength and flexibility which improves with age. 60% lighter than aluminum needles of the same size, Bamboo needles won’t tire your hands after hours of knitting, and unlike metal needles, they are quiet and feel very comfortable in the hand, the stitches stay on the needles much easier and are less likely to slip off.


3:25mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6:5mm, 10mm