Handmade Macro Knitting Needles


Macro knitting produces a chunky knit very quickly and encourages the use of unconventional knitting materials and the reuse of waste yarns, left overs or odd balls through plying several yarns together. Knits can range from bulky to net like structures suitable for all kinds of projects from clothing to household items such as rugs, curtains, wall hangings. These needle’s diameter are over 30mm.

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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 60 × 3 cm

Sue Russell (Wool-N-Dance) started making Macro knitting needles over 25 years ago to encourage a new generation into knitting, which was on the decline at that time. Sue worked alongside the infamous "Cast Off Knitting Club" in early 2000 on many of their knitting in public antics. Sue was also one of Fabrications earliest supporters and team members, delivering numerous workshops and events at Fabrications and around London.