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Peter Gibson “Artwear” at Fabrications

Exhibition & Activities

Tuesday 1st – Thursday 31st October

Exhibition Opening & ‘In Conversation with Peter Gibson & Alex Hooper’: Friday 4th October, 6.30 – 9pm Book Here

‘Artwear Guided Tour’ with Peter Gibson: Thursday 10th October, 6.30 – 9pm Book Here

1 day Workshop with Peter Gibson: Sunday 27th October, 11am – 5.30pm Book Here

Peter Gibson  calls himself a “Creativist”, a term he invented to describe his professional life as an Artist, Filmmaker, and Musician. He studied Fine Art and Pedagogy at Liverpool College of Art and Design in the early Sixties.

In the Seventies, he received a Kodak Scholarship to study Film at Postgraduate level at the Slade School of Fine Art, London. There he met his lifelong creative partner, Alex Hooper. In 1971, they directed and produced their acclaimed film “The Turning Point”, a music documentary about the Blues Legend, John Mayall, which premiered at the Edinburgh film Festival. In 2004, they were commissioned by the BBC , to make a second documentary entitled “John Mayall, Godfather of the British Blues”.

Peter is a classically trained Musician and a Multi-instrumentalist turning his hand to the piano, violin, guitar and his most favourite; the trombone, as well as any kind of percussive instrument .(He calls forth a brilliant sound from dustbin lids!!)

At boarding school, he discovered Jazz and Blues and so began a lifelong passion for this music. In 1967, in his first professional lecturing role, he met three aspiring musicians, and together they formed the renowned Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts Blues Band. The Band had an eccentric and unusual style that endeared them to the public. From the Sixties to the Eighties they had hit records, and toured regularly on the University and Festival scene in the UK and Europe.

Pete began embroidering denim jackets – the stereotypical “Muso’s uniform”- to relieve the boredom of endless motorway journeys. He was entirely self taught and always had an embroidery project “on the go” whilst touring . He has been “Jacketing” for over fifty years and continues to find this method of creative expression fully absorbing .

Peter has been described as a “Painter with Threads” . He generates his own visual language of “Stitchery” which is unique in its colour, design and way of working. His motifs include  colourful beings, musical notes, stars, and zigzags as well as text of song lyrics or notable phrases relevant to the subject matter .

Peter works intuitively with various types of embroidery skeins to create rich textured and tonal “landscapes” using the structure of the panels of the denim jacket as his canvas . He incorporates beads, charms, studs, buttons and applique as well as acrylics, inks and household paints depending on the subject matter . The jacket embroidery process has a life of its own, and can take many months before completed.

A multiplicity of sources provide inspiration for the Jacket Creations . Peter has “brought into being” Musical Tribute jackets to composers Beethoven and Mozart as well as to musical heroes Howlin’ Wolf, Petie Wheatstraw and Chuck Berry .These designs arose in an intuitive and spontaneous way .

Pete embroiders jackets for family members .He asks them to embrace the question  “What makes you Tick?”. Their answers generate ideas and imagery which personalize the jacket design culminating in a wearable portrait of the owner .

Several jackets have been professional Commissions, two of these were purchased for the permanent collection of Falmouth Municipal Art Gallery. The Gallery commissioned a unique jacket with an integral audio visual component to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Nelson’s victory and death at the Battle of Trafalgar. Pete calls this jacket “Nelson as a Rock Superstar “.

His most recent project was a commission for well known Opera Singer, Teresa Cahill.. This jacket celebrates her love of Mozart’s music and the illustrious composers whose work she has performed throughout her international career.

Peter calls his Jackets “Artwear”. Each jacket is not only a functional item of clothing but also an Art piece in and of itself. Come along to one of our special events this month and meet Peter and his Artwear in person in their fullness.