Mice Needle Felting Kit


Teach yourself the calming craft of needle felting and turn fluffy wool into a wool sculpture you can be proud of.

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Teach yourself the calming craft of needle felting with this mice needle felting kit. If you’re a needle felting beginner, let our detailed step-by-step instructions guide you, showing you how to turn the fluffy British wool into a pair of wool sculptures you can be proud of.

This kit will take the average beginner about 6 hours to make, offering a wonderful way to relax over a rainy weekend or over a few evenings. Once you’ve completed one of our needle felting kits, you will have all the basic techniques and skills needed to continue with this therapeutic craft.

Each kit includes:

British wool in a variety of breeds and colours

2x felting needles in a secure holder

Foam block working surface

Detailed instructions with step by step photos

Beautiful gift box

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Dimensions 30 × 21 × 6 cm