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Tool Box

" I use my creative skills and passion for all kinds of textiles to offer a 'portfolio' or 'multi desciplinary' approach. I love to collaborate as each of us have different strengths and experiences. I am committed to sustainability, community led initiatives and the potential of craft and design to create positive, social and environmental change"

My work has been used in a wide variety of contexts and sectors, including:

Private Commissions
Shops + Galleries

Public spaces



Local authorities
Environmental awareness
Film + TV
With you?

" What a lovely load of rubbish"

The Observer

"Barley Massey's products demonstrate a lightness of touch backed up by a rigorous approach. Made entirely from recycled materials and minimally processed, there's nothing tricksy and nothing effete"

Kevin McCloud

Grand Designs

"Using recycled materials to create original items is fashionable these days, but 10 years ago the idea was a little too hippy for most folk. That didn't stop Barley Massey from finding ingenious ways to turn scraps into workable fabrics. Her Rethink Rubbish kits are just one of her campaigns to get recycling into design and sustainable crafts into our minds"


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