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Installations + Exhibitions

Installations + Exhibitions

We are open to all kinds of proposals and ideas for exhibition design, window displays or incorporating Barley Massey’s products within gallery / museum context, trade shows, events or mobile units.

Over the last few years Barley Massey has been commissioned to produce items or create installations for a number of different contexts including The Hackney museum, The Earth Centre, The ideal home show at Earls Court (WRAP's eco home) and during the London Design Festival.


Over 80 Iittala items of homeware were covered in knitting for window displays at Skandium on Brompton Road and Marlybone High Street. Inspired by iitalla's ethos of 'long lasting design against throwawayism' Barley worked with Hackney based knitting group 'Knitty Gritty' to create little hats, scarves, nests, sculptual covers from salvaged, upcycled  yarns and materials (Aalto vase covers knitted from plastic bags was very challenging!) For the opening of the 'Knit Wits' installation Barley & the Knitty Gritty girls gave a knitting class whilst Skandium served up delicious teas & home made cake. Barley also produced 500 'knit - Wit - kits' which were distributed around key locations of the festival to encourage some guerilla knitting and inform people of Iittala's activities during the festival.

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How to commission:
Please make an appointment by telephone +44 (0) 207 2758043 or email or visiting our studio.

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