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About Fabrications

Fabrications is an independent gallery, shop and studio dedicated to contemporary textile practise and design, with a particular interest in upcycling and eco design.
Fabrications opened in June 2000 in a refurbished derelict shop on Broadway Market in Hackney, East London. Its founder Barley Massey, who trained at Goldsmith’s College in Textiles felt the empty shop would not only make a good studio space for her own practise, but also an excellent showcase area for other contemporary designer makers.

When Barley discovered the shop in 1997 it was in a bad state of disrepair, a dilapidated sign stated "Alls Well - Appliance Rescue Centre" - this would be a common theme in Fabrications story!

Over the last 13 years Fabrications has evolved and grown into a buzzing little hub of creativity. We have hosted numerous exhibitions, promoted and sold work by over 200 local artists and designers, offered many a crafty workshop within the shop and at events across London. After saving up for 10 years and honouring the true meaning of the word 'thrift' (to thrive) Barley has reinvested into the building and Fabrications community to build a new craftspace aka 'The Imaginerium' on the back of the shop in 2011.

A brief timeline of some of our achievements:

1998 - Proposal to rent derelict space accepted by Hackney Council. Grant applications, applying for planning permission for a new shop front and building works ensued.

2000 - Fabrications opens in a new shop, refurbished from re used materials.

2001 - Barley wins Crafts Council / 100% Design bursary enabling her to launch range of rugs made from re used bicycle innertubes.

2001 - 2004 - Series of exhibitions in the shop including 'Spinning Yarns' (showing radical knitting)

2004 - Barley helps BMTRA with setting up the new Broadway Saturday market and launches 'The Emotional Baggage handling service' with friend + colleague Belle Tidswell.

2005 - 'The Hagedashery' is launched. An area dedicated to fuelling East London's knitting + stitching!

2006 - Fabrications is re fabricated. The gallery is given an eco makeover and turns into a mini department store.

2007 - 'Remember Me' service is launched

2008 - Devising and delivering lots of workshops including at The Barbican and the 'Wool n Dance' at the Thames Festival.

2009 - 'Rethink Rubbish' craft kits are launched

2010 - Our 10 year anniversary! lots of celebrations and happenings including a new customer loyalty 'FAB card'

2011 - Fabrications temporarily closes for building works

2012 - 'The Imaginerium' officially opens and is shorlisted for a few awards including the NLA (in conjunction with Riba and Elle Decoration)  'Don't Move, Improve!' and 'Hackney's Design Awards'


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Getting involved:
We are always on the look out for new and interesting items and supplies that fit in with the ethos of the shop. We are also open to all kinds of proposals for window displays, creative workshops and events as well as film and photography shoots.
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Fabrications environmental policy
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Fabrications: 7 Broadway Market. Hackney. London. E8 4PH. Tel/Fax. +44 (0) 207 2758043
E-mail : textiles@fabrications1.co.uk